About Diana Beach, Instructor

From ancient times meditation has been a mind-body technique to encourage a state of mental & physical tranquility and a connection to inner wisdom. Continuing Meditation Classes at LightQuest offer the opportunity for instruction and practice of various meditation techniques, mudras, unguided meditation periods, mantras, mudras, breath work, energy work, forgiveness & healing, chakra clearing, insight meditations, discussion and support of transformation through loving kindness, compassion & self-acceptance. Together we practice the art of inner stillness, while learning to release anxiety, fear and patterned conditioning.

Through Transformative Meditation, you are guided to remember that everything you need is already within. That spark of Divine, that still awareness is the Universe looking out through your eyes with great wisdom and love. Together we Spin & Weave Light and Love - for ourselves and for the World. We are ONE.

Instructor ~ "Through long time practice of meditation, miraculous transformations flow on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Remembering my essence allows me to heal and live a life filled with purpose. As a student, I bow to the Divine Wisdom shining within each person I meet. As a teacher, I facilitate the process of finding still awareness within. As we begin to access this silent sacred space, a knowing of universal truth and light unfolds. Letting go of anxiety & fear, we move toward a unity consciousness, transforming our world and healing our soul."

In the warm weather classes are often held on the lawns here at LightQuest Center. Please call ahead to register for the Drop-In option. Students are invited to bring water in a sealed container. Classes will resume in September, 2017 after summer break. Please contact us to be placed on a notification mailout for startup dates.

"To begin to describe one's journey through meditation is like trying to explain the stages of metamorphosis, segmented and extremely diverse. As an egg, you stumble upon this new practice that seems farfetched but intriguing, not really sure of how it works or of its' validity. As larvae, you start to understand the basic principles and enjoy some of the techniques but mostly are still unsure if the practice provides any real benefit to your life. Then one day something clicks, the pupa phase is reached and a glimpse of that inner stillness presents itself to you. You get excited because this sensation of true rest and rejuvenation pours over you like a glorious hot shower. Lastly, adult phase, you begin to find peacefulness in and outside of your meditative practice, you exercise calming activities without even realizing you're doing it and most importantly you love existing. I came to meditation through shavasana in yoga classes and through a prior relationship, where I was influenced to begin inward reflection. Ironically, that relationship would also become a catalyst for my personal growth. At its' conclusion, I found myself dismantled and meditation became one of my constants in a world of blurry uncertainties. In those ten minutes at the end of yoga I learned to empty my mind and just exist, something that I struggled with immensely at the time. I was able to grow and heal through personal practice but then I was lucky enough to come across Diana and my healing changed even more. The sensation of walking into her sacred space is a unique experience, it feels like an energetic flush of the negativity from the world around us. Her powerful and warm guidance furthers these feelings; her soothing voice transporting you to harmony if you allow it (we don't always allow ourselves to let go). The forms of meditation vary from class to class, allowing you to explore different kinds of relaxation and learning what methods suit you best. This also challenges you to think outside of your comfort zone, trying different ways to let go and just exist." ~ James

PRIVATE GROUP SESSIONS Meditation sessions can be booked on or off site for community organizations, businesses or individuals. Sessions are offered as a 'one time' workshop, or in a series of your choosing. This is a creative and transforming time for front line coworkers, management, or combined staff. We are happy to customize our Meditation offerings to meet your needs. Contact us for more information

INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS If you wish to receive one to one training in meditation basics, or focused sessions to encourage the release of fear and anxiety, individual sessions are available upon request. Contact us for more information.

INTRODUCTION TO MEDITATION WORKSHOPS An 'Introduction to Meditation - The Basics' Workshop is held on a regular basis. Please email for the next scheduled date.

NOVICE MEDITATION CLASSES Novice Meditation Classes support those who are seeking to find relief from daily stress, anxiety, moving to find peace and a stillness within. This class uses many of the mindfulness meditation tools and techniques.

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