About Rhonda Bundy, Instructor

Yoga means to unite body, mind and spirit, so regardless of ones religious or cultural background the practice can have a positive impact on their well being. Kundalini yoga is a science that gives you the tools to unite body, mind and spirit. As life pushes and pulls us in different directions sometimes we can feel off track, or without direction. This yoga is designed to help you back to that quiet place deep inside.

Kundalini Yoga is a form of yoga Kundalini classes are designed in Kriya's - sets of exercises with a specific focus. Using tools from the sacred science we use:

specific breathing patterns
special postures & movements, including exact positioning of the hands and fingers
locks to direct energy
particular mantras, chants consisting of distinct vibratory sounds
and a unique mental focus

Kundalini Yoga is quite unique in its approach. It provides the environment for relaxing the body and clearing the mind, incorporating breathing, movement, mantras, locks, visualization, hand mudras. Your eyes are closed through most of the class, so it is a real individual experience - you don't know or care what the person next to you is doing. The class is appropriate for all physical levels and the exercises can be modified and can be done from a chair..

Please bring a yoga mat, cushion & blanket for Shavasana, however supplies are also available. Students are invited to bring water in a sealed container. In the warm weather classes are often held on the lawns here at LightQuest Center. Please call ahead to register for the Drop-In option.

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