About Diana Beach, Instructor

These classes are perfect for beginners to meditation and those challenged by stress, anxiety and panic. Space is held with compassion, non-judgment & great love to facilitate the practice of inner connection, self awareness & increased coping skills. The Novice Meditation Classes offer a blend of mindfulness meditation techniques, basic breathwork and guided imagery and is a non-secular practice.

This eight week session offers anxiety reduction techniques and deep relaxation practices with an outcome of increased control of thought looping, reducing negative thinking, mindfulness and better sleep cycles within heart based practice & discussion.

Each class offers the opportunity to:
Cultivate still awareness through meditation practice
Observe and detach from our inner dialogue
Practice being fully present in the moment
Enter the flow of compassion, gratitude, grace & inner wisdom

As we practice awareness unfolds we identify patterns of behaviour which create discomfort, cultivate the ability to respond not react and create new space to view self and the world with fresh awareness and compassion. If you are searching for inner peace, seeking release of old patterns and a connection to the silent awareness within, these classes will support you on your personal journey of awakening.

"Meditation sets my course for the week. Learning about how to nourish self has been a new and exhilarating experience for me. Exhilarating in the connection to calm and inner wisdom. Diana's knowledge, her beautiful presentations & space has made this one of the most meaningful journeys in my life ~Shelley

So many people are filled with anxiety and a feeling that something is 'missing'. As a society we have been conditioned to chase after that external 'something' to fill the void. We seek to fill or complete ourselves - enrolling in courses, trying different modalities of spirituality, accumulating more material goods. Always outwardly seeking. At the same time, the media continues to feed us discontentment and fear on a daily basis. Through these classes, you are guided to remember that everything you need is already within. Together we Spin Light & Weave Love - for ourselves and for the world.

Each set of an 8 Class Series offers new tools, insights and practices to increase your ability to find inner peace.

Classes resume in September, 2017 after summer break.
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PRIVATE GROUP SESSIONS Meditation sessions can be booked on or off site for community organizations, businesses or individuals. Sessions are offered as a 'one time' workshop, or in a series of your choosing. This is a creative and transforming time for front line coworkers, management, or combined staff. We are happy to customize our Meditation offerings to meet your needs. Contact us for more information.

INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS If you wish to receive one to one training in meditation basics, or focused sessions to encourage the release of fear and anxiety, individual sessions are available upon request. Contact us for more information

INTRODUCTION TO MEDITATION WORKSHOPS 'Introduction to Meditation - The Basics' is held on a regular basis. Please email for the next scheduled date.

CONTINUING MEDITATION CLASSES Continuing Meditation Classes support those who have established an existing meditation practice and are looking to deepen their practice as well as experience various forms & techniques.

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