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"Love, love, love, Lightquest Retreat Centre! Whether it's the informative classes, inspirational yoga sessions, or the transformative meditations, Lightquest is sure to have something to soothe your soul! The tranquil and serene atmosphere of this magical place is second to none, and a visit to this beautiful retreat always leaves me feeling refreshed and at peace. Diana and her retreat are a true gift." ~ Christa

"LightQuest Center is a perfect hidden gem of inspiration and love. Many wonderful workshops, classes and events that touch your heart in many different ways. Diana is the bright light that draws others together to create a community where your light will grow... Blessed to be apart of it!" ~Vicky

"Diana has created a beautiful sanctuary of peace and serenity! Her events are always top-notch....great instructors, amazing musicians, soul-soothing, inspiring classes, events and workshops." ~ Shannon

"It was such a joy to come and share a concert at LightQuest Retreat Center. Diana is such a generous and gracious host. The space is so infused with love, which provides such a perfect container for the deep experience that we had that evening. I am so looking forward to when I get to return to share at LighQuest again" ~ Brenda McMorrow

"I really appreciated the welcome when I arrived at LightQuest Retreat Centre. The space was very well set up and thoughtfully laid out. Those that attended my evening event were attentive, curious and open. How Diana has managed to gather such fine people inspires me. It not only inspires, it gladdens me too, as I know how much love plays in her life. I would have no hesitation in recommending the Centre as a place to hold an event." ~Dh Harshapraba

"What a delightful evening with Harshaprabha and what a joy to experience his visit in your beautiful Retreat Centre. Thank you!" ~ Participant

"Wow!!! Thank you so much for hosting such a wonderful evening last night. Having over 50 people to sing with was wonderful and the energy was truly amazing. Congratulations, you managed to capture the imagination of the people you came into contact with and brought them into a place of healing, love and high energy. In my mind and experience that is a significant accomplishment. I don't know how you did it but last night was magic and it was your work and wisdom that brought all these people together to make it happen. Yours is a rare gift in my experience. " ~ Much Metta Bruce Lacey

"Last night was an 'into the Mystic' evening...so full of beauty and grace and a deeper free fall into trust and connection. Thank you for listening to your guidance to evolve your full moon idea...and for your truly generous heart. I awoke knowing that it was bigger than our minds can grasp...but my heart feels the expansion and the knowing that it fell on precisely the right date - how amazing is that?? You are a wonder and a deLight... I love the space you hold to encourage people to step into more of who they are. Thank you...thank you." ~ Pamela Jane Gerrand

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"Thank you again for a wonderful morning and a beautiful experience today!! You are the light to shine for all, you are a messenger of love & healing! I so look forward to putting together one, two, and more workshops with you! Many More Blessings to You!" ~ Kelly Webster

"heART to heART with the Beautiful and Fabulous Diana Beach at LightQuest Retreat Center. Where Energy & Light flows and colourful creative pieces were created" ~ Susan Seitz

"[LightQuest] a lovingly created place of peace and beauty. Truly a sanctuary." ~ Ev Ward de Roo

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"Cindy teaches directly from her heart. Her authentic approach and gentle spirit, supports students to be who they are, and feel safe in her presence. Cindy embodies acceptance, joy, love and compassion." ~ Carolyn Jyoti Burke, MSW, RSW, E-RYT 1000, Co-Founder DevaTree School of Yoga 200-hr, 300/500-hr & 1000-hr Yoga Certifications

"The Reiki Restorative was amazing! Both Dawson and I REALLY enjoyed the session. We felt like we "floated" back to the lake here! Cindy did a beautiful job of holding space and her hands on energy was powerful! Would definitely do another session again if my schedule allowed it!! Thank you for hosting this beautiful event!" ~Shannon

"I enjoyed the evening very much! I look forward to keeping in touch in the future and enjoying further experiences." ~ Lisa

"It was perfect! I thoroughly enjoyed the session." ~Jackie

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"My 60th birthday present to myself was taking up meditation at Light Quest Retreat Center. It has been an enlightening, opening, incredible experience. I look forward to further adventures and learning." ~ Shelley

"This is a place of beauty, peace, acceptance,and unconditional love. I honestly don't know where I would be today if not for the tools I have acquired by attending Diana's Meditation Classes. I met so many wonderful amazing people. I give LightQuest 10 stars!" ~Kim

"To be sitting at LightQuest Retreat Center and listening to the soft voice of Diana with the sounds and rhythms of the music during meditation, is to be surrounded by a stillness that feels safe, magical and comforting, giving me permission to explore my inner peace and emotions that surface, allowing whatever needs to unfold in a gentle, supportive way. Much gratitude" ~ Susan

"Approximately three years ago my life was turned upside down with the sudden death of my life partner. I didn't know how to cope with the aftermath. Everything changed! I knew I had to do everything in my power to keep afloat in my swirling sea of emotions. I was lead to LightQuest where I joined a meditation group. The benefits have been more than I could have ever imagined. I am very grateful to have been lead to Diana and her teachings. Meditation at LightQuest has helped me: 1. Spiritually, I now have a very real connection to the God of my understanding which I have never before experienced, giving me a greater sense of love and compassion for myself and for others. 2. Mentally, meditation has taught me how to step back from my thoughts allowing me to have a real tool to help me to control my thoughts, instead of my thoughts controlling me. I have learned how to find a quiet, peaceful place deep inside me. The concepts have taught me that I can look at problems and situations differently. It depends on "what story I tell myself" that results in how I think and therefore feel. I am much less reactive to many situations and emotions now. Much calmer than I would have thought possible. 3. Emotionally, my anxiety has been greatly reduced. The use of meditation has resulted in a calmness that carries into my daily life (quite amazing). I am far less reactive to people and situations. 4. Physically, my blood pressure has dropped to normal allowing me to stop medication. Regular practice of meditation has given me all these wonderful life changing ways. I intend to never stop meditation. I am so grateful to Diana for teaching me how to be a much better me. Thank you!" ~ Patti

"I have recently realized a connection between migraine pain and shallow breathing. Through focused breathing as taught in your meditation class, I have been able to reduce my pain level and frequency of migraines. I can focus on my breathe anywhere or time. If the pain or shallow breathing returns, I can repeat the focused breathing techniques. These benefits are also without any side effects, as experienced with medications. I feel so empowered to be able to manage this chronic pain condition with meditation." ~ Jane

"The Transformative Meditation Group has transformed the relationship I have with myself. It has literally changed my life. My relationship with my loved ones has shifted. There is less resistance and more open-heartedness. It has prompted unconditional love and inner awareness of my behaviour patterns. I am learning to let things unfold without judgement, to allow space between the event and my reaction. It has also helped me develop more of an awareness that I have a choice to react, act or accept the situation as it is. I seem to bounce back from upsetting situations faster now." ~ Anon

"Diana holds the space for us all, respecting everyone's differences and facilitating conversations that may never have the opportunity to take place. She uses her intuition and creates space which makes it easy to give voice to your inner thoughts. Diana provides the opportunity to learn and develop spiritual tools for every day living. I always come away from her with a deeper sense of peace." ~ Jody

"My meditation sessions at Your Light Quest have easily become the highlight of my week, and I hate to leave! These meditations keep me centered and grounded, keeping me "in the moment". I have found such healing, peace and love within my meditation group, and find that meditating within a group such as this just magnifies the whole meditation experience. Diana is a gentle and loving teacher/facilitator who not only facilitates beautiful meditations, but also great discussions. It is so wonderful to have a safe place to meditate and spend time with like-minded, accepting and loving people. I wish everyone could experience these groups." ~ Christa

"I have learned to relax & appreciate what I have in my life. I am more confident in myself and I LOVE meditation. I truly did not understand nor wanted to understand what mediation was until a friend said to just try it. It has helped my mind, body & spirit. The atmosphere and sound of Diana's voice is an added inspiration." ~ Vicki

"I feel a shift in how I react to events and people. I feel myself becoming more tolerant and understanding when dealing with others and I am discovering myself less "reactive" to situations that I would previously have "stressed" out over. Diana's guidance and acceptance are very helpful. Our sessions are valuable to me personally and handouts are relevant and easy to understand and refer back to as needed. I love when Diana leads a guided meditation. Her voice is calming and soothing." ~ Anon

"At first, the thought of meditation frightened me, I was afraid to be with my thoughts, and believed I wouldn't be able to shut my thoughts off or let them pass by. I finally decided to try. I was going through a lot at the time and needed something. Since meditating, I feel calmer, and I'm able to deal with stressful situations better. The best way for me to describe my meditation is that it's like a place for me. A place where I can go to no matter where I am. A path to bring me closer to my spirituality, to my peace. It's a place where I can find comfort, and let my thoughts pass by. I love visiting *my place*...and I am so grateful to Diana for helping me to open the door to *my place*." ~ Namaste Kim

"Your meditation group has really gifted me with prioritizing my self again. I've carved out some dedicated time each day to sit and meditate. I've created a divine nook where to do so. I really feel that you and the group's energy gave me the momentum I needed. The balance I sought is no longer only on the horizon, I am embodying peace and presence more with each passing week of balanced practice and self care. Thank you for helping to light my way! I la la la love you! And I love LightQuest! I definitely look forward to reconnecting throughout the years! Peace and blessings dear Goddess sister!" ~ Diana

"So exciting to see the sun especially after an evening of meditation and an amazing night's sleep... life is sparkly indeed. On my way home from LightQuest there was a cloud formation over the lake that caught my eye. Some dark clouds had opened in a long oval shape and a soft light was streaming through it in such a way that I knew it was about us... a beautiful gift. Then the sun appeared in the oval and I was disappointed until the word LIGHT took on a new meaning. I understood the word you had been using all night. I felt a shift as the realization became my own. It was spectacular and I wished all of us could have been together at that moment." ~ Grateful Student

"I just finished meditating and for a brief time felt SUCH happiness flow from my heart chakra!! Then Zoomed back to the outside world and there was your email. I loved the class. I love your energy... you are such a beautiful soul Diana. I feel so grateful that all the "folks upstairs" helped to get me to your group. I'm so thrilled! Thanks for the pass. Lots of love to you today!" ~Anon

"Thank you again for your wonderful words, warmth and guidance at last night's meditation session. I had such a fun time!!!!!!!! The chanting made me happy, the lake meditation made me happy... During the lake meditation my focus was on Lake Huron when the late afternoon sun in the western sky dances on the water. When you asked that we take the lake inside us - I had all these little shimmering water beams "popping" inside me - it was very exciting and so much action that I had to switch gears and float on my back in the water to calm it down. That was total fun!!! I was intrigued how this session affected me - happy, calm, and soft - and a real contrast from the week prior where I was really hit hard with emotion and epiphany. Likewise the sunset on the first week was a blaze of colour with beams shooting out and up into the sky, and this week's sunset was simply a soft, pink gentle skyline. How interesting that both those sunsets reflected my experience. I continue to process and be very intrigued by all of this and wanted again to thank you for welcoming me into this "woo woo" experience. I look forward to learning and experiencing more - and I very much appreciate your work and your guidance." ~ Your keen student Shelley

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"I am forever grateful for the practice of Kundalini Yoga. It brings balance to the mind, body & soul & has truly been an amazing experience in my life. I feel calmer, more self-aware physically, mentally & emotionally, it has helped me to live more in the present & brings balance to my daily life. Diana Beach has created a beautiful, intimate space at LightQuest, & along with the Kundalini music it makes for a perfect atmosphere for Rhonda Bundy's class. Rhonda's calm, disciplined approach is inspiring & encouraging. I always feel energized after class but also focused & relaxed. I am very grateful to have found such a truly gifted teacher, kind friends & an amazing place!" ~Sue McIntosh

"Yoga class is a chance for me to come to a quiet place, to contemplate, de-stress, mediate and get peace of mind in an enjoyable setting!" ~ Claire

"I'm drawn to yoga class for the relaxation and calming of my mind. Some of the exercises are challenging, but that is ok. If I don't come to yoga I am more on edge and have a general overall discontented feeling." ~Cathy

"It's a designated time each week for self-care. I'm drawn to Kundalini Yoga classes because of the atmosphere of the studio, exercise and the meditations. The benefits of yoga class that I have experienced for myself are better fitness, flexibility and strength. I'm able to get to a calm mindful state faster." ~ AC

"The balance in class is just right. I think it's important to have opportunity to be challenged, but also being mindful and reminded to listen to our bodies - doing what's right for you at that moment. There are many benefits of routine and relaxation self care, practicing meditation, friendship, laughter, physical exercise, etc." ~ Cathy

"For me yoga is a tool, and a treatment. Much like taking a remedy or a supplement, this technology of yoga has great power to shift and change the mind, body and Spirit. The combination of movement and meditation, allows one to let go of vibrations that no longer serve the highest Self and move stuck and stagnant energy. I could keep going!" ~ Kate Hazlitt, ND

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